Career professional, wife and Mum of 2, and very mediocre long-distance runner

Welcome to the Working Mum’s Village!

My name is Tina and I work in a pretty intense job, am married with 2 kids and don’t have much free time but try to prioritise time to be a not-too-serious long distance runner, get sleep and catch up with friends and family.

They say “it takes a village to raise a child“.  Well, as a working Mum I think we need our own village to help us given the extra load of work on top of raising a family.  The purpose of this community is simple: to create a community to share practical advice so we can all focus a little less on doing laundry and a little more on what inspires us in life.

So, welcome!  Read up, comment on what works (or doesn’t) for you and share this community with other working Mums to also help them.  We’re all in this crazy juggle together – welcome to your online village to help you be able to thrive.