Carolyn Tate

As part of our “Inspiring Working Mums” series, Carolyn Tate shares her advice to help other working Mums.

Carolyn Tate, Author of The Purpose Project.

My best advice for your career is …

Always be curious and work on your passions and creativity to find your purpose and bring it to your workplace. Your job does not define you, nor do your skills or your work history or qualifications. What defines you is how courageous you are, whether you stand on your beliefs and in your values and what really matters. We need women to step up and heal the workplace from the toxic cultures that permeate many big companies.

My most satisfying thing about being a Mum is …

Seeing my 19 year old son venture out into the world with courage and conviction to study and do work that is going to make an impact in the world. I love that he desires to be an advocate for women’s rights, human rights and the rights of other minority groups. He’s become a fine young man who I am very proud of.

My best advice for managing the juggle of work and family is …

Simplify, minimalise and eradicate those things in your life that don’t truly fill your heart and bring you joy. The reason we need to juggle so much is that we over-commit ourselves financially and with our time too. We must create the white-space required to be fully present with ourselves, those we love and those we work with.

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