Jules Allen

As part of our “Inspiring Working Mums” series, Jules Allen shares her advice to help other working Mums.

Jules Allen, Adoption reform crusader, domestic violence survivor, foster parent to 32 children and biological mother of 4.

My best advice for your career is …

Stick with what is manageable. Your children are only young once and that time flies. You never get it back again. Sometimes your career aspirations need to be compromised a little in order to give your children the time they so desperately need.

My most satisfying thing about being a Mum is …

The most satisfying thing about being a Mum is when they grow up. Sorry, but the real joy is a long time coming. Having dinner with your grown, mature, amazing young adult children is divine. They’ve survived and so have you!

My best advice for managing the juggle of work and family is …

This sounds like a stretch but you must find time for you. I remember getting up at 5 .30 every morning to run, do yoga and swim. My children would recognise the difference in me if I had not done this. It kept me sane.

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