Drink more water

I’m sure you’ve heard people say you should drink more water.  Experts say this should be between 6 to 8 glasses of water every day. However, when you are dropping kids off, then at work all day, rushing to get the kids dinner and into bed, it’s probably not something you prioritise.  I know I feel the side-effects though when I don’t drink enough water, as the only time I ever get headaches is when I know I haven’t drunk much water over the past day or so.

The more I’ve read up about the need to drink more water, the more I see it as an important part of looking after myself. I put it up there with eating well, getting enough sleep and exercising.

How to drink more water and get 30% of your daily intake before breakfast

I’ve played around with how to make sure I get my 8 glasses of water in each day and my best tactic comes from none other than Ms. Cameron Diaz. I learned this practical solution from reading her book entitled “The Body Book”.

This really small, practical solution will help you get 2-3 glasses of water into you first thing in the morning:

  • Keep a clear water bottle next to your toothbrush in the bathroom and after you brush your teeth at night, fill up your water bottle before you go to bed
  • When you get up on the morning and go into the bathroom, chug the bottle of water first thing when you’re still half asleep
  • I use a 750ml bottle and drink about 600ml each morning i.e. about 2-3 glasses worth.  This takes seconds to do, not minutes – for me, I take about 45 seconds i.e. this can still be done if you have little people crawling about your feet
  • This means that before I’ve even had breakfast I’ve had about a third of my daily water intake and done something for myself
  • The trick though is to refill the bottle each night.  On the days where I’ve forgotten to do this, in the morning I don’t refill it and drink the water as it seems too hard or will take too long.  Even though it would take me only 30 seconds or so to fill up the water bottle, in the morning that’s enough to stop me from doing it! Filling it the night before is key
Other ways I make sure I drink more water and get in 8 glasses a day
  • I usually drive to and from work and so fill a different drink bottle at night and put it by my back door so that I can put it straight in the car and drink it on the way to work the next day. If I don’t finish it on the way in, I finish it on the way home and then take the bottle inside to fill up again for the next morning
  • I don’t carry a water bottle around at work, but know this solution works for many other people. Instead I will often just grab a glass from the work cupboards and chug a glass or 2 during the day
  • I usually have a glass or 2 of water with lunch and dinner, as well as if I’m having a work meeting in a café
  • In the afternoon I’ll often have a herbal tea (e.g. peppermint) while I’m working – even though it’s hot, it still counts towards your water intake!
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