Audiobook app

I’ve written previously that I’m a big fan of Audible. I have a monthly subscription and listen to a new business book each month on this audiobook app using my commute time in the mornings. I’ve since come across another audiobook app that I use. It’s called Blinkist.

What’s Blinkist?

Blinkist is an audiobook app where you can download the key messages of books. Think back to “cliff notes” in your school days. Remember when you could read a 20 page summary of a 200 page book to know the key themes? Blinkist uses this same principle – and you can just listen like a podcast.

How it works
  1. When I signed up about a year ago they had a free 7 day trial. The trial let’s you check out whether you like hearing a summary of key messages of prefer reading a book in full.
  2. I liked the summary versions and so then signed up for an annual subscription where I can download unlimited summaries.
  3. Each book is summarised in about 15 minutes. They have “blinks” in them that are like chapters of the key themes.
My summary
  • I still prefer Audible (where I listen to the whole book) over Blinkist. I like understanding the details and all the anecdotes and stories associated with a particular book
  • However, Blinkist has been great for finding out a bit more about certain books. I use it to quickly find out if a book is worth me downloading on Audible to hear in full. I also use it to know a little more about a business book I feel I should read but don’t want to!
So, overall it comes down to personal preference as to whether Audible or Blinkist might suit you better. I use both audiobook app features during my commute time, as a key way to grow my skills.


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