Over the years I have scoured the internet for practical tips to help me balance my family, work and having time for myself.  Along the way I’ve read many inspiring articles about managing this juggle.  Sometimes I’ve even found a gem of advice that I could put into practice.  However, most of the time I also came away frustrated.  Most of the time I was not any closer to working out HOW I could manage the balance.

The problems associated with managing work, family and time for yourself have been well articulated.  Yet most articles and websites have fallen short in offering up practical solutions to address them.  So I created this website.

The vision of Working Mums’ Village is simple

Our vision is to be a practical guide and community for working Mums to help you balance family, work and time for you.  To focus a little less on laundry and a lot more on what inspires you in life.  And to do this guilt-free.
So why is this community focused on working Mums?

We’re super happy for our community to help anyone who gets value out of it.  If you’re a Dad reading this or a stay-at-home-Mum, please know you’re absolutely welcome too!  Read, comment and share as you like, as most articles will also benefit you.

The reason though that this community was created specifically for working Mums is that so many Mums struggle with “mother’s guilt” when they also work.  Things have changed in just one generation, whereby so many more women these days work AND raise a family.  Yet, as many of us were raised at a time when the norm was for a mother to stay home to raise her kids, it will take time to create our “new norm”, where parenting and household duties aren’t primarily seen as the mother’s role.

This community exists to help us get there.