Mother's Day

For me, and I’m sure for many of you, Mother’s Day involves a guilt-free sleep in, presents and breakfast in bed, all delivered with the help of a partner.   Although I love getting burnt toast, homemade cards and presents the best present on Mother’s Day is actually the one I give, not get.

A close friend of mine separated quite a few years ago and is raising 3 kids as a single Mum. When her kids were really little and she had recently split, we caught up a few weeks before Mother’s Day.  She made a throw-away comment that even though she was now working twice as hard to raise her kids on her own, that she wouldn’t be recognised for it on Mother’s Day.  Her kids were too young to think about getting her a present or have their own money to pay for it.

I silently vowed to myself that she would be celebrated on Mother’s Day.  From that day on it was my role to make it happen.

So when I got home I went straight to our present cupboard and took out 3 little gifts, 3 plain cards and some plain wrapping paper.  I wrapped the presents and put them and the 3 blank cards all in a bag.

The week before Mother’s Day I made up an excuse to pop over and see my friend.  First, I made sure her eldest child would also be home.  I took the bag to her house with the presents and cards.  Then I found a reason to catch up with her eldest child, just the 2 of us.  I gave him the bag and explained that there was a present from each of the 3 kids for their Mum for Mother’s Day.  All that was needed was for him to organise for each child to write / do a scribble on their card.  They then just had to give it with one of the presents to their Mum on the day.

Despite the craziness of working and raising my own kids, finding time to do this is something that makes me incredibly happy.  To honour a dear friend for being so amazing raising kids as a single Mum is absolutely worth the time and effort.

So, as you get ready for your own kids (hopefully) celebrating you on Mother’s Day, it’s worth thinking if you have an amazing single Mum in your life who you can honour.  If so, chances are it will be the best Mother’s Day present you get.
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