Healthy breakfast for kids

We have 7 “go to” meals for each of breakfast, lunch and dinner and they are mostly interchangeable to eat at other mealtime e.g. the dinner meals work just as well to eat at breakfast time.  I don’t believe that food is only meant to be eaten at one particular mealtime.  Fixing up a healthy breakfast for kids is a great way to start off the day.  When I get bored of a meal, I simply swap it out for another one.

Same as for lunches and dinners, to make my top 7 list:
  • The food needs to taste good and be something that the whole family can eat (although my kids still default to cereal most mornings and I default to breakfast no.1 below)
  • It needs to be healthy-ish, including some fruit or veggies and protein
  • From start to finish take less than 7 minutes to prepare.

Here are our “go to” meals so you can choose a healthy breakfast for kids

1. Rolled oats + natural yoghurt + seeds (sunflower, flax, sometimes crushed mixed nuts) + berries in season or frozen berries. I layer these in a tall glass and put in my car’s cup holder and eat it on my way driving to work

2. Egg in microwave:

  • In a mug crack 1-2 raw eggs, stir, then heat for 50 secs
  • Stir and put in for another 20 secs
  • Do this until it’s done to your liking
  • You can add extra egg white if you want more protein
  • Make some toast, smear avocado on it and then the egg on top
  • Salt and pepper to taste

3. A banana / apple and then eat a small tub / squeeze tube of yoghurt.  Good when on the move

4. Heat up leftovers. “Dinner” works just as well first things in the morning!

5. Cereal (check the sugar content before buying though, as many look healthy but are loaded with sugar. I buy ones with less than 15g sugar per 100g serving, add fruit (I buy chopped fruit e.g. peaches, apricots in natural juice, not syrup) and add milk or yoghurt.  An oldie but a goodie for the kids!

6. Rice crackers with hummus spread on them and chopped up raw carrot sticks leaving the skin on.  Another good meal when on the move

7. Down a glass of milk and then grab a handful of mixed nuts and chopped up celery sticks and head out the door

This list shows a mix of breakfasts that work for the kids and me, and which we have mainly depends on whether we’re sitting at the kitchen table to eat or on the move.

What works for you and your kids for breakfast?
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