Makeup kit

This post is for women who like to wear a bit of makeup to work, but wish they could get ready a bit faster in the morning. The key is what you have in your makeup kit.  Obviously the fastest way to get ready for work is to wear no makeup at all.  If that works for you, fantastic! If you like to wear a lot of makeup and care deeply that it is perfect, then by all means prioritise that and skip this post.

But if, like me, you like wearing some but care that it doesn’t take too long in the morning, then read on.

The critical elements of your makeup kit to get ready fast in the morning

1. Reduce your choices. Lots of different shades of eyeshadow or lipstick mean more choices. More choices mean making decisions first thing in the morning when your brain is probably still on auto-pilot. So take the decision making out of the equation. I wear the same eyeshadow every day to work regardless of what I’m wearing. Same with all other makeup products I use

2. If you can, use compartments but have it all in the same place. I have a small makeup kit on my dresser with 2 compartments: 1 for moisturiser, deodorant and perfume and the other 1 for makeup. To get ready, I get everything out of compartment 1, use it and put it back. I then get everything out of compartment 2, use it and put it back. Same order and process each day means I’ve become very fast at it

3. Reconsider if you need to apply time-consuming products such as eyeliner. I don’t use any makeup products that need to be exact (such as eyeliner).  My shade of eyeshadow is such that it’s light enough that if it’s not exactly even, no one would really notice

4. Have a good mirror and light next to where you keep your makeup kit. I bought a magnifying mirror with a light and it actually saves me time in the morning, as I can see exactly what my makeup looks like in detail and fix it as I go

The makeup investment I made that has save me hours over the years

I’m not really into makeup, but about 5 years ago paid to get a personalised makeup assessment for me at one of the large department stores. It was fantastic. The makeup artist told me what colours worked for me, showed me how to apply the makeup quickly yet properly, and what was the minimum products that would work for me to get ready in the morning. I told her I wouldn’t use anything that took too long or was too many steps to remember, and she made sure my makeup routine could be completed in less than 5 minutes. She was true to her word, and it’s been a massive time-saver ever since.

What makeup tricks do you have to get ready super quickly in the morning?
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