Diana Williams

As part of our “Inspiring Working Mums” series, Diana Williams shares her advice to help other working Mums.

Diana Williams, Founder of Fernwood Women’s Health Clubs and 2005 Telstra Businesswoman of the Year.

My best advice for your career is …

Never underestimate your own potential.  As women we tend to put ourselves down and never give ourselves a pat on the back as often as we should.  So celebrate your own potential and have confidence in yourself.

My most satisfying thing about being a Mum is …

Enjoying every moment of their lives.  I wouldn’t say that I was an overly maternal mother, and I have enjoyed having a career as well as being a mum, but seeing my children grow from little kids into amazing adults (in spite of me often not being there because of work) has been an extremely satisfying outcome.

My best advice for managing the juggle of work and family is …

Take your ‘work’ hat off when you’re at home and take your ‘mum’ hat off when you’re at work.  One of the challenges of juggling a career and being a mum is the guilt trips we put on ourselves, when we’re at work we feel guilty about not being with the kids and when we’re at home with the kids we are thinking about work, so be in the moment and enjoy the best of both worlds.

Take some time out for yourself, make sure you get regular exercise, eat well and get a proper night sleep, and take the time to keep in touch with friends  It’s amazing how organised and well managed your life can be if you are fit and healthy.  And organisation is key to doing it all.

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