Jade Collins

As part of our “Inspiring Working Mums” series, Jade Collins shares her advice to help other working Mums.

Jade Collins, Co-Founder & Director Femeconomy.

My best advice for your career is …

Document your career plan annually, and not only through your company’s process. Use your own, and integrate your life goals. Think holistically, because life is short and you want to live it on your terms. In conjunction with this, plan your budget and spend less than you earn consistently so you can invest your money and achieve financial freedom as early as possible. Financial freedom gives you options in life, to travel, to leave a job that doesn’t fulfil you, to start your own venture. Be inspired to learn and reinvent yourself constantly, and you will find your purpose faster.

Build a diverse network of people who believe in you. Invest your time into these relationships, because they are your real capital in life. Schedule regular time in your calendar for this to make it a discipline, even if you are working part-time.  Never compromise your integrity.

My most satisfying thing about being a Mum is …

Discovering the wonders of the world through another person’s eyes. Striving to be the best version of yourself so you can provide an excellent role model for the most remarkable, overwhelming love of your life. The cuddles, and that feeling when your heart is completely bursting with love. Thinking about how your child will change the world.

My best advice for managing the juggle of work and family is …

Routine, sharing care and everyone having allocated set jobs to share housework. Knowing which days are your pick up and drop off days, who supervises which extra curricularactivities, what domestic household tasks are yours to complete ensures a more even distribution of housework and caring responsibilities each week. It’s essential in houses where both parents are working, and cuts down on communication and argument, because everyone knows what they need to do each day.

Encouraging children to be independent as early as possible. At 10 my daughter has been making her own bed/ breakfast/ school lunch, taking responsibility for managing homework and school forms, putting her clean laundry away, changing her own sheets and also helping out with other household tasks for some years now. It’s a simple principle that if you eat, make mess, live in the house, you contribute to managing that workload.

A family calendar with plenty of white space to write multiple events on each day. Then each person can check what special events fall on that day for the rest of the family, and also look ahead for planning.

I also do monthly sushi power lunch with my best friend to maintain my emotional wellbeing. Our sushi power lunch invitation is really our code for reaching out to each other when we need advice, support or just some time to vent with another woman who is trying to manage all life’s demands. We share the ‘warts and all’ version of what’s been happening for each of us. We laugh uncontrollably, sometimes cry, have intellectual conversation, provide advice or consolation if it’s sought, and a hug to open and close proceedings. One on one time with your friends is vital.

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