Janine Allis

As part of our “Inspiring Working Mums” series, Janine Allis shares her advice to help other working Mums.

Janine Allis, Founder of Boost Juice, Author and 2004 Telstra Australian Businesswoman of the Year.

My best advice for your career is …

Surround yourself with great people, and hire people smarter than yourself

My most satisfying thing about being a Mum is …

When the kids are all happy.  When they are happy and loving what they are doing you know that you have done something right.

My best advice for managing the juggle of work and family is …

To not feel guilty when things go wrong.  To know that if you are loving what you are doing in work, then you are a happier woman, which in turn makes you a better mother.  That we are human and things go wrong from time to time, and it is OK to laugh at yourself and to except all that life throws at you.

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